Powering the next generation of immersive applications at the network edge.


Deploying your first Kubernetes application in a Wavelength Zone.

By Robert Belson, Corporate Strategy, Verizon, Mark Persiko & Bryan Kobler, Sr. DevOps Engineers at Verizon Location Technology

Ever find yourself missing that fateful moment in Season 4 of the critically-acclaimed TV series, Silicon Valley, where the promise of “Shazam for food” was swiftly spoiled by a much simpler, yet…


By Robbie Belson, Corporate Strategy, Verizon

We are excited to announce that the Verizon 5G Edge Blog is now officially accepting contributions!

We started the Verizon 5G Edge Blog to help build a community around 5G Edge. Through this channel, we wanted to find people who were just as passionate…

Verizon 5G Edge Blog

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